Our Medical Services

Delight Hospital and Fertility Centre offers a range of medical and fertility services to all classes of people and at affordable cost. We operate 24 hours services and you can try us today.


Infertility Clinic

Delight Hospital fertility clinic applies a number of diagnosis to proffer medical treatments for couples who for some medical reasons are unable to achieve fertilization naturally.


Invitro Fertilization (IVF)

IVF treatment is a complex series of procedures employed in achieving fertility or to prevent genetic problems with child conception. It is one the most effective forms of assisted reproduction.


Obs & Gyn Surgeries

We offer a number of surgical operations for women in treating a wide range of gynecological issues affecting the female reproductive organs. These procedures are safe and result oriented.


Intrauterine insemination

Our assisted reproduction services include Intrauterine insemination (IUI). The goal of this procedure is to increase the chances of fertilization by giving the sperm a head start closer to the egg.



Intracytoplasmic sperm injection is an effective treatment for men with infertility problem. It's performed as part of in vitro fertilization procedure, involving sperm being injected directly into the egg.


Endoscopic & Laparoscopy

We use a combined and effective approach - endoscopic and laparoscopic surgery to treat colon polyps in select patients with polyps that cannot be removed endoscopically.


24Hrs Laboratory Services

We offer the best laboratory services in town. Our laboratories are equipped with the latest equipment to conduct accurate clinical and fertility tests. Moreover, we have 24/7 power supply.


Ultrasound Imaging

We run comprehensive ultrasound imaging at Delight Hospital and Fertility Centre. We have professional personnel and latest ultrasound scan machine for the right test and accurate result.

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