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endoscopic and laparoscopic surgery

Endoscopic & Laparoscopic Surgeries

At Delight hospital and Fertility centre, we carry out endoscopic & laparoscopic Surgeries. Large right colon polyps might be difficult to treat endoscopically, hence patients will require colectomy for removal. Usually, benign colon polyps can best be treated endoscopically, but Colon polyps that can't be removed endoscopically either as a result of beeing too large or perhaps, situated in anatomically difficult locations can really pose a clinical problem.

Usually, those patients with benign cases, are commonly recommended to go for a colon resection. Though, notwithstanding the short-term improved outcomes of laparoscopic procedure, the morbidities associated with bowel resection still persist.
This procedure is a technique used to avoid colectomy, hence a combined endoscopic laparoscopy surgery (CELS) is simultaneously employed to remove polyp. This is a good option in the management of difficult right colon polyp removal and it results in reduced morbidity, less hospital stay and cost.

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