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Obstetrics & Gynecology Dept

Infertility Clinic Service

Delight hospital and fertility centre is specialized on both male and female infertility cases. Our Infertility Clinic is here to assist individuals or couples, who for one medical reason or the other are unable to achieve conception by the natural course to become parents.
At our Infertility clinic sessions, we apply a number of diagnosis, tests and other advanced medical treatments that help to achieve conceptions and reproduction. During intertility clinics, we try to properly investigate both the man and woman for infertility problems before recommending the right treatment protocol.
For the man, semen collection for analysis is a standard diagnostic test to determine if there's any problem with the semen quality, while the woman will undergo a number of diagnostic tests, which may include ovulation analysis, uterus and fallopian tubes x-ray and laparoscopy. She may also be recommended for ultrasound scan by our sonographer etc.

We recommend appropriate treatment and thorough investigation, which may include surgical procedure, artificial insemination, such as intrauterine insemination, invitro fertilization and ovulation induction, or even the use of an egg or sperm donation.

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